Written Testimonials

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What Our Patients Say?

Auto Accidents & Whiplash Testimonials

Hands down the best place you could go for quality treatment and wonderful customer service. The staff here provide a friendly environment where they are concerned about your needs and put you first. They are caring and thoughtful as they ask about you, your day, and keep up with small conversation. It's not just the work they put in, but the friendly service they provide that makes anyone feel welcomed. They make you feel great even on your worst days. I was having a bad day at one point and the ladies not only comforted me, but allowed me to stay a few extra minutes for my massage therapy session. Having been in a car accident for the first time I was hesitant to seek chiropractic treatment, but I am grateful I did and decided to choose this facility. If there is any concerns regarding your treatment or payment, just stay in communication with them and they do their best to handle the situation. Highly highly recommend this place! I appreciate every single staff member for their hard work and compassionate spirit! - Leilani S.

I had came here for an injury awhile back and recieved the best care by Dr. Gong. They are affordable if you dont have insurance!!! A few months ago I was in a car accident that left me with a bad injury and a totaled car. My insurance told me to go to the chiropractor and without a doubt I knew where I would go. Dr. Hagan reviewed my case and I was back with Dr. Gong. So far I have loved coming here. Everyone is so friendly and caring! Dr. Dominguez is also great at adjusting. I have noticed quite a big difference after having been adjusted by him than my main doctor. Also the girls in the front and in therapy are great and make everything comfortable! Thank you so much for all that you guys do! - Mayra G.

First time ever at a chiropractor, and I am loving it already! This is a Great place where I always feel welcome with skilled doctor, whom always explain you clearly about your status and what they are doing and such, and of course an amazing friendly (and lovely) staff too. Also they really care about you in there, and not only your money, like some other places tend to be these days, especially in the medical field. I am definitely feeling better and better after each visit, and since even recommend the place to all my friends. :) - Frank S.

Been going to Dr. Hagan For months for a car accident injury, all the Staff and doctors are very friendly. Will recommend everyone I know to go here. - Tony V.

I have been involved into two cars accident in just 18months. I am during second treatment now and from my experiences know it will help me to get back to life:)Doctors and staff are very professional and friendly. I strongly recommend this office!! - Aleksandra Jakubiak

Back Pain & Disc Injuries Testimonials

Thanks for providing outstanding massage therapists (May & Rocio) who socialize while giving delicate back massage, Doctor Hagan & Gong for my back adjustments & the new front desk staff Jessica for the kind & welcoming attitude. I used to go here 4x/week for 1 month (then 3x/week per month, 2x & so on...) the first time I almost injured my back in 2014 for lifting because I didn't know my own capacity at the time & my ego. Now, I prefer to come only 3-4x a year even though my doctor recommended 1x/month. Maintenance of Good proper posture ensures proper alignment of the spine while sitting/standing/lying (especially when lifting) & stretching/yoga really helped with my progress through the years. - Jo K.

These folks are super nice. I been going here for a year for my Ideal Protein food and also had a back injury so I was getting adjusted. I now have 0 back problems and have managed to loose 75lbs from the Ideal Protein Diet. They are always understanding and friendly and never yell at me when I am bad on my diet :-). Always there with encouragement. - Brian W.

My back has been hurting for like two months now and it came to a point that it hurts so much I needed to see a doctor. (Take note that I've never been to a Chiropractor.) I was in the Hayward area to visit my girlfriend from Oakland and I looked through Yelp and Hagan Chiropractic had so many good reviews and was nearby so I decided to check them out. Unfortunately my Kaiser insurance doesn't cover Chiropractor but thank god I have medical reimbursement account to cover the cost. I mean their prices was pretty affordable. I was greeted by Adriana at front desk. Followed by Dr. Gong and then Dr. Hagan that did my preliminary check up. Thanks to Veronica for the therapy and Dr. Hagan re aligned my back. Will be coming back to them for another visit soon. Their office & their staff were exceptional. Kudos to you guys. - Francis C.

Personally, I can only say great things about this practice and I have been coming here for years now. I do a lot of sitting and I have an ongoing back issue, but my back feels much better after I get it adjusted by Dr. Hagan; so in my case, I've seen many benefits in seeking chiropractic care on a regular basis. The staff at Hagan Chiropractic is very friendly, courteous, and professional. And my experience has been that they are very accommodating in terms of scheduling. There are other chiropractors much closer to me, but I prefer to see Dr. Hagan. So in my opinion, a great practice. - Anonymous

Suffered an injury last week, finally on the 3rd day I couldn't take it anymore. The ibuprofen and ice/heat was just not cutting it. My back was in so much pain and locked up I couldn't even move. So finally gave in and took the advice of seeing a chiropractor. There many to chose from on Yelp, and it being in Hayward I was skeptical.... but went with them anyway... the best choice!! Im a pro ballroom dancer so without my body moving I can't make money! Dr. Hagan saved me within 20 minutes! For such a low price you get consultation, x-rays, two types of massages, and an adjustment. After the first adjustment I can finally move!!! Came back the next morning for a 2nd round, and I was back to work that same day. I love this place and the whole staff. Im going to bribe my students with a free lesson if they come see him, because its good for your posture and no more headaches! - Phoenix G.

Headaches & Migraines Testimonials

I used to see Dr. Hagan about 3yrs ago, I was a cash patient, because I didn't have insurance at the time. They were very helpful and we worked something out to help make it more affordable. I went for my migraines, after a couple visits my migraines would be less frequent and less intense. I was visiting the area about a month ago and made a same day appointment, I had a pretty bad migraine that day. I was treated as a new patient, since it had been 3 years, but got the same treatment. They took both my insurance cards and called both insurances right away, Dr Hagan saw me in the exam room to test range of motion and see where I have pain. Had electrical muscle stimulation, massage, then adjustment. - Samantha R.

Neck Pain Testimonials

I thought I had been to a good chiropractor but Dr. Hagan and his staff aGREAT so professional and helpful with working around your schedule. They are really on top of things here I actually feel like the doctors care about my treatment here. I would recommend this place to anybody with back or neck problems. - Peity D.

Great place! Affordable and the doctors and staff are amazing. I've had neck problems for years (from things like snowboarding, car accidents, sports injuries) and neglected to go to a chiropractor because of a bad experience I had at another office, but Hagan chiropractic completely changed my views and showed me how important and beneficial it is to have chiropractic care. I blame doctors at box hospitals for more people not experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care - the box hospitals prefer to just say you have "strained muscles" and have you pop pills forever. After the first visit I felt improvements instantly - and sorta became addicted :) I now make it a point to visit monthly as I never want to go back to experiencing the pain I "learned to live with" for years. Thanks! - Adj. J.

I see Dr. Gong here at this office and she is amazing. No matter what I tell her is hurting that day, she seems to be able to fix it! She helped me with a foot issue and a pain in my wrist in addition to my usual neck and back adjustments! - Anonymous